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Few Topics are:

  • Implement concepts of inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces and abstract classes
  • Simple data types,  arithmetic and logic operators
  • Selection structures,  repetition structures,  text files,  one-and-two-dimensional arrays,  procedural abstraction,  software design,  modular programming
  • Design, implement, debug and test non-trivial programming applications (with multiple classes and/or interfaces with methods requiring advanced algorithms).
  • Implement graphics and GUI event driven programs
  • Implement recursive methods with integers, arrays, and graphics.
  • Apply, trace, and informally analyze linear and binary search and selection and insertion sorting algorithms
  • Linked lists implementation
  • Software Process and Program Design, OO
  • Java Object-Orientation
  • Data Structures and Simple Types
  • Arrays and their operations
  • Performance analysis, Big-O
  • Garbage Collection (primitive vs. Object)
  • Linked List
  • Queue Simulation
  • Binary Search Tree Basics
  • Quicksorting

Complex Topics are:

  • mathematical logic
  • soundness and completeness theorems
  • compactness
  • logic and the computational complexity
  • first order logic and modal logics

Some of the topics for assignment help services include :

  • object-oriented programming
  • operating systems
  • digital electronics
  • graphics, and interaction design
  • logic and proof
  • computation theory
  • computer architecture
  • computer networking
  • compiler construction
  • programming in C/C++
  • Human Interaction design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • bioinformatics and natural language processing
  • data science and robotics