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Information Retrieval

Information retrieval refers to retrieving the relevant information from the large amount of information stored in database and allows the users to access the large amount of information.

It involves three stages: -

  • Representing Collections of Documents- It represent, identify and process the collection of document.
  • User-initiated querying- It deals with understanding and processing of the queries.
  • Retrieval of the appropriate documents-The searching mechanism is used to obtain and retrieve the relevant documents.

Types of information retrieval:

  • Text Information Retrieval: It refers to the retrieval of information related to text document from internet and able to provide the right document from vast collection of information.
  • Multimedia Information Retrieval: It provides the facility of context-based image retrieval on a database from the large amount of multimedia documents like audio, images, video.

Few Topics are:

  • Information retrieval process,Preprocessing and lexical analysis.,Models of information retrieval ,abstract models ,Boolean model,Vector model,Latent Semantic Indexin,Inverse and signature files,Index compression,Reference collections
  • Relevance feedback ,query expansion.,Web search ,PageRank algorithm,Crawling,Architecture of a simple web search system,Architecture of massive information processing systems ,massive web searchers,Distributed architectures
  • Hadoop,Network analysis ,clustering, community detection ,detection of influential nodes, reputation,massive information analysis,Search Engine Optimization,IR techniques with Data Mining ,Machine Learning,Recommender Systems
  • Boolean systems,Vocabularies and dictionaries,Indexing,Measures and weights for terms,Vector Space Model, probabilistic systems,text classification
  • Clustering,Matrix decomposition ,latent semantic analysis,search and analysis techniques, Introduction to information retrieval,query formation, query processing
  • choice and form of search terms,document organization and indexing,evaluating search results.,information retrieval; ,web crawling, ,indexing.