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Few Topics are:

  • Elementary list processing
  • Clause Grammar,Context-Free Grammar
  • Definite Clause Grammar,logical inference
  • Non-deterministic program, Recursion, Prolog interpreter, Arithmetic and lists
  • Backtracking, cut, and negation, Search and cut, Constraint Logic Programming

Complex topics :

  • Programming in logic with Prolog ,A deductive database ,Relations and facts ,Clauses and instances
  • Goals, subgoals and predicates ,Binary relations ,Inverse relation ,Rule, head and body
  • Recursive rules ,Resolution algorithm ,Backtracking ,basic logical connectors ,The proof tree ,Inference rules
  • Objects, atoms, constants, variables ,Notion of lexical scoping ,Structures and functors ,Matching ,Closed and open terms ,Variable binding
  • Declarative and procedural meaning of a Prolog program ,Resolution algorithm ,Tuples & tree representation ,
  • Lists , backtracking ,Numerical comparisons versus matching ,Eight Queens Problem.