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Microsoft Excel Assignment Help , Microsoft Excel Homework Help

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Few Topics are:

  • Spreadsheets , Excel Workbook Windows, Excel Help System,
  • Workbook File Formats,  Auto Sum , Auto Fill Function, 
  • Cell Referencing and Request, Formatting Cells,Formatting Numbers,
  • Cell, Rows and Columns, Page Layouts in Excel
  • Proofing Workbooks,Basic Options, Ribbons and Toolbar,
  • Sorting Data,Excel Tables,Filtering Data in Excel
  • Charts, Combo Charts,Functions within Excel,Date Function,
  • Information Functions,Logical Functions,Financial Functions
  • Find and Replace,Headers and Footers,Conditional Formatting,
  • Paste Special Function,Data Validation,
  • Subtotals and Grouping, Consolidating Data,
  • Data Tables in Scenario Analysis,
  • What-if Analysis,Mats and Trig Functions,
  • Text Functions in Excel
  • Lookup Functions,Vlookups, HLookups, Statistical Functions,
  • Databse Functions, Formaula Auditing
  • Error Tracing, Hyperlinks in Excel, Linking Data, Pivot Tables,
  • Pivot Charts, Workbook Properties
  • Protecting and Sharing Worksheets , Data Encrypting,
  • Macros, Custom Number Formats, Custom Lists,
  • Templates, Tracking Changes in Excel, 
  • Merging and Compare Excel Workbooks