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MPI Programming Assignment Help , MPI Programming Homework Help

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Few Topics are:

  • 8-bit Microprocessor, Microprocessor architecture, Fetch, Decode and execute operations, Microprocessor Instruction Set and Programming Data transfer, Arithmetic, Logical, Rotate, Stack & Subroutines,Developing Counters ,Time Delay Routines,Code Conversion,BCD Arithmetic ,16-Bit Data operations
  • Branch and machine control instructions, RST, RIM, SIM instructions, Subroutines and conditional call instruction, Interfacing of Memory Chips ,Input / Output Chips, Memory mapped I/o ,I/O mapped ,Address decoding, Stack & Subroutines,Developing Counters ,Time Delay Routines
  • interfacing of memory chips ,chips with 8085 ,Peripherals IC and Applications,Pin description and Interfacing, DMA Controller ,advance Microprocessor, Intel 8086 Microprocessor architecture, Assembly Language Programming, Code Conversion,BCD Arithmetic ,16-Bit Data operations
  • Interfacing, Ports,Interfacing Of I/O Devices, Interrupts In 8085, Programmable Interrupt   Controller, Programmable   Peripheral Interface ,logical  block  diagram  and  segments
  • Memory access in GDT and LDT, multitasking, SUN SPARC Microprocessor, data  types  and instruction format, ARM Processor, ARM7 architecture
  • Programs in C or C++ using the MPI

 Complex topics :

  • Deadlock Situation
  • Ping-Pong - Calculating MPI Transfer Rates
  • Ring (Non-blocking Communication)
  • Ring (Blocking Communication)
  • Simple Array
  • Matrix Multiplication
  • 2D Laplace Equation
  • MPI Struct Derived Data Type
  • MPI Collective Communication Functions
  • MPI Group and Communicator Functions
  • MPI Virtual Topology Functions
  • MPI Communicator Groups
  • MPI functions