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fundamentals of Swift, building modern mobile apps, iOS, Xcode, and other tools in the Xcode development environment.
handle and store data using clearly defined types.
developing and implementing algorithms to solve problems using operators.
Write code that makes decisions about what lines of code should be executed.
Create a basic iOS app to get familiar using Xcode.
Test and debug apps in a Mac, using the Simulator from Xcode.
Create visual interfaces using the Interface Builder from Xcode.
Understanding of strings, functions, structures, collections, loops, and different ways to work with the information that makes up an app.
Design and implement simple classes.
understanding of structure design by implementing programs with functions, including parameter passing and value returning.
Create multiple scenes, views, and controls to build simple workflows.
Interface Builder and storyboards to build the user interface for apps with multiple views.
Create programs that contain clear and concise program documentation.