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Cloud Computing Assignment Help , Cloud Computing Homework Help


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Few Topics are: 

  • Cloud Computing , MapReduce Programs, Link Analysis, Data Management, server clusters, Grids/P2P,   Internet clouds, Internet of Things
  • Clouds for enterprise computing, mission critical enterprise applications on the cloud, cloud-based enterprise resource planning and,customer relationship management solutions, virtualized datacenters,   social networks
  • Innovative cloud computing applications at small, medium size and large enterprises,clouds for high performance computing and big data applications;Quality of Service, security and trust, Analysis of real life cloud computing 
  • Information Retrieval ,service oriented architectures, cluster and grid computing, virtualisation and hypervisors, business and service provisioning models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)
  • deployment models (private, public,community and hybrid clouds), the NIST cloud, clouds for networked enterprises ,Designing, developing, testing, deploying and managing cloud computing applications
  • service design concepts, test-driven service implementation, service deployment and management, Principles and technologies of server clusters

Complex Topics are:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Google App Engine and Amazon Web Service
  • Advanced cloud programming paradigms
  • Hadoop’s MapReduce
  • Big Data analysis
  • data mining tools and techniques
  • cloud models: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • cloud virtualization
  • big data analysis tools and techniques
  • data management and data visualization.
  • cloud storage
  • cloud orchestration
  • scientific instrumentation/simulation
  • cloud computing services
  • cloud platforms
  • cloud application development and deployment
  • virtual machines