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Human Computer Interaction Assignment Help, Human Computer Interaction Homework Help 


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Few Topics are: 

  • Human Capabilities, Design Process, Interaction Design Basics, HCI in the Software Process, Design Rules, Universal Design, Implementation Support
  • Implementation Tools, User Support, Users Models, Cognitive Models , Stakeholder Requirements, Task Models and Dialogs, Dialog Notations and Design
  • Groupware, Ubiquitous Computing, Virtual and Augmented Reality , Hypertext and Multimedia, Groupware
  • Interactive Entertainment Technologies, Discrete-Event Modelling and Simulation, Ubiquitous Computing
  • HCI design and evaluation, Software and User Interface Development

 Complex topics :

  • Principles of human-computer interaction
  • Human information processing subsystems (perception, memory, attention, and problem solving)
  • Principles, guidelines, and specification languages for designing good user interfaces
  • Design of user interface & evaluation methodologies
  • World Wide Web design principles and tools,
  • Computer-supported cooperative work, multimodal and "next generation" interfaces,
  • Speech and natural language interfaces, 
  • Virtual reality interfaces

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality