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Few Topic are:

  • Database modeling and design, relational databases, querying & SQL.
    object-based databases, XML and web databases, data storage, transactions, database system
    architectures, data mining and warehousing techniques, client/server paradigm, middleware, ODBC,
  • JDBC, CORBA, privacy, integrity, and security
    Data modeling: physical, logical and conceptual data models, the entity-relationship model
  • The relational model
    Other relational query languages (QBE and Datalog)
  • Database privacy, integrity, and security
    Relational database design, functional dependencies, and normalization
    Object-oriented database systems
  • Object-relational database systems: extensibility features and object orientation in relational systems
    XML/web databases: semi-structured data, querying, ODBC, JDBC
    Data mining, data warehousing, online analytical processing, and information retrieval
  • Database system architectures: two-tier (client-server), three-tier, parallel and distributed database
  • Performance issues