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Computer Graphics Assignment Help , Computer Graphics Homework Help


We at My Assignment Helpers with excellent team of Computer Graphics experts offer assistance for Computer Graphics Assignment Help & Computer Graphics Homework Help.

Our Online Computer Graphics tutors offer instant support for Computer Graphics weekly assignments. Send your assignments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for instant help or speak to us on the website chat.

Few Topics are:

  • Projections and Transformations for animation, Clipping, 3D Geometry, 3D space and transformations, Graphics Pipeline
  • Anti-aliasing, Texture Mapping, Ray Tracing, Generating Primitives, Ray Tracing, Splines, Ray Tracing, Warping and Morphing,  Perspective and parallel projections
  • Ray tracing, Animation, Kinematics, Graphics Hardware and Software Components, Coordinate Systems
  • 3-d Viewing and Projection, Clipping and Windowing, Scan Conversion and Algorithms, Visibility Determination and Shadowing,
  • Graphics APIs, Shading languages, GLSL, Texture Mapping, Illumination and Shading, Rasterization, Visibility
  • realistic images, visible surface determination rendering, surface modeling, particle systems, display devices and applications
  • Vector graphics , Image generation, representation, and manipulation, Modeling and hidden line elimination, raster graphics.

Complex topics :

  • Graphics Systems & Models
    Graphics Programming with OpenGL
    Input and Interaction in OpenGL
  • Geometrical Objects and Transformations in 2D and 3D, homogeneous coordinates, matrix representation, windows and viewports
    Viewing in 3D, projections, hidden surface removal
    Light, shading and materials. Illumination and Shading, light sources, (surface detail, ray tracing, radiosity)
  • From Vertices to Fragments : modeling, geometry processing, rasterization, fragment processing. Clipping, hidden surface removal, antialiasing.
  • Discrete techniques: buffers, bit and pixel operations, texture mapping, compositing.
    Programmable shaders : OpenGL shading language, fragment shaders, cub and bump maps.
  • Modelling Techniques, trees, scene graphs.
    Curve and surface representation
    Advanced rendering techniques: ray tracing, radiosity, image based rendering.

Help for Complex topics are:

  • interactive techniques
  • 3D viewing and models
  • clipping
  • transformations,
  • projection
  • removal of hidden surfaces
  • lighting, textures and shadows
  • basic linear algebra
  • shaders
  • high performance computing
  • graphics programming
  • mobile phones
  • advanced graphics techniques
  • ray tracing

Online Computer Graphics Tutors Help with:

  • Software and hardware for interactive computer graphics
  • Implementation of device drivers
  • 3-D transformations
  • clipping
  • perspective, and input routines
  • Data structures
  • hidden surface removal
  • colour shading techniques