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Few Topics are: 

  • Resource Allocation ,Deadlock, Security, Privacy, and Ethical Concerns, Design Tradeoffs.,processes,threads
  • symmetric multi-processing,thread synchronization ,memory management techniques,Processes and Process Scheduling
  • Synchronization and Mutual Exclusion,Memory Management, Auxiliary Storage Management,operating system
  • system organization, uniprocessors and multiprocessors,scheduling algorithms, process management, deadlocks
  • paging and segmentation,files and protection, and process coordination and communication,concurrency,
  • deadlock control, ,synchronization scheduling, ,memory management, ,protection and access control,
  • inter-process communication, ,structured design.

Complex Topics are:

  • linkers, file systems
  • resource sharing
  • security and networking.
  • operating system organization and design
  • security, functionality and reliability
  • system organization and structure
  • threads
  • communication and synchronization
  • virtual memory
  • distribution
  • file systems
  • security and authentication
  • availability and Internet services
  • system design
  • measurement and evaluation
  • simulation
  • mathematical modeling
  • parallelism