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Few Topics are: 

  • goal programming, data envelopment analysis (DEA), network optimization problems, piecewise linear objective, cutting plane methods,Duality in LP
  • Lagrangian Relaxation, mathematical programming software,Public domain software  ,NEOS., Linear optimization models,simplex, revised simplex, dual,primal-dual algorithms
  • sensitivity and parametric analysis,duality theory, decomposition, linear complementarity problem,assignment and transportation problems, Karmarkar’s algorithm
  • revised SM, geometric interpretation, sensitivity analysis,Extensions and applications of LP, optimization techniques ,linear and integer optimization problems
  • simplex method interior point algorithms,duality and sensitivity analysis,integer linear programming,cutting plane method,branch and bound method,Lagrangian relaxation methods
  • model formulation with integer variables,large scale optimization,network flow problems, Convexity,Linear Programming,model formulation, simplex method (SM)
  • tableau form, dynamic programming,deterministic and stochastic decision problems,nonlinear programming,convex analysis,unconstrained methods,Kuhn-Tucker theory,
  • saddle points and dualit,quadratic linearly constrained,nonlinear constrained problems,penalty and barrier methods

Complex Topics are:

  • Linear optimization
  • Farkas' Lemma, duality, Simplex method
  • geometry of polyhedra
  • Combinatorial optimization
  • integrality of polyhedra
  • total unimodularity
  • flow problems, weighted bipartite matching
  • Continuous optimization
  • convex sets, Separation Theorem
  • convex functions
  • analytic characterizations of convexity
  • Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Theorem