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Artificial Intelligence Assignment Help , Artificial Intelligence Homework Help


We at My Assignment Helpers with excellent team of Artificial Intelligence experts offer assistance for Artificial Intelligence Assignment Help & Artificial Intelligence Homework Help.

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Few Topics are:

  • foundations, scope, problems, and approaches of AI.

  • Intelligent agents: reactive, deliberative, goal-driven, utility-driven, and learning agents

    Artificial Intelligence programming techniques

  • Problem-solving through Search: forward and backward, state-space, blind, heuristic, problem-reduction, A, A*, AO*, minimax, constraint propagation, neural, stochastic, and evolutionary search algorithms.

  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: ontologies, representing and reasoning about objects, relations, events, actions, time, and space; predicate logic, situation calculus, description logics, reasoning with defaults, reasoning about knowledge, sample applications.

  • Planning: planning as search, partial order planning, construction and use of planning graphs

  • Representing and Reasoning with Uncertain Knowledge: probability, connection to logic, independence, Bayes rule, bayesian networks, probabilistic inference.

  • Decision-Making: basics of utility theory, decision theory, sequential decision problems, elementary game theory.

  • Machine Learning and Knowledge Acquisition: learning from memorization, examples, explanation, and exploration. learning nearest neighbor, naive Bayes, and decision tree classifiers, Q-learning for learning action policies, applications.

  • Perception, communication, interaction, and action; multiagent systems

Complex Topics are:

  • AI techniques and tools
  • games programming
  • complex software system
  • search strategies for solving problems
  • knowledge representation
  • automated planning
  • intelligent agents
  • reasoning under uncertainty
  • bio-inspired optimisation
  • machine learning
  • search heuristics
  • automated planning and agent systems
  • probabilistic reasoning
  • knowledge-base systems
  • probabilistic models
  • AI solution techniques
  • artificial intelligence techniques
  • knowledge representation and reasoning
  • probabilistic inference
  • machine learning, and natural language
  • human and machine vision
  • signal and speech processing
  • artificial life
  • mathematical foundations of connectionism
  • computational learning theory

Online Artificial Intelligence Tutors Help with:

  • Methods of general problem solving
  • mathematical logic Mechanical theorem proving
  • Game playing
  • Natural language processing