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Information Security and Assurance Assignment Help


We at My Assignment Helpers with excellent team of Information Security and Assurance experts offer assistance for Information Security and Assurance Assignment Help & Information Security and Assurance Homework Help.

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Few Topics are:

  • computer and information security, algorithms and techniques , malicious software
  • encryption systems, operating system security, database security, network security
  • system threats, and risk avoidance procedures
  • data integrity,
  • identification
  • message authentication
  • authorization,
  • validation and access control
  • hacking, cracking and social engineering

Complex Topics are:

  • Security applications and policy models
  • authorisation and authentication
  • vulnerabilities and threats
  • Internet security; firewalls
  • intrusion detection
  • information hiding
  • stream and block ciphers
  • symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic protocols
  • digital signatures, public key infrastructures
  • certification authorities; risk models, robustness
  • social aspects and usability issues of personal and corporate security
  • data loss and data loss prevention
  • confidentially, integrity and availability
  • access control techniques
  • Business continuity planning
  • disaster recovery planning
  • Security roles, procedures and management structures
  • Risk management
  • Security models and evaluation
  • Physical and environmental security