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Computer Security Assignment Help , Computer Security Homework Help


We at My Assignment Helpers with excellent team of Computer Security experts offer assistance for Computer Security Assignment Help & Computer Security Homework Help.

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Few Topics are:

  • Basic principles of computer security
  • Security engineering
  • Security from attacker's perspective (threat modeling)
  • defender's perspective (building and deploying secure systems)
  • Operating system security, network security, web security
  • Security economics and security psychology
  • Writing secure code and exploiting insecure code.

Complex Topics are:

  • comparing security and privacy,
  • program security
  • writing secure programs
  • controls against program threats
  • operating system security
  • formal security models
  • network security
  • Internet application security and privacy
  • privacy-enhancing technologies
  • database security and privacy
  • inference data mining
  • security policies
  • physical security
  • economics of security
  • legal and ethical issues