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The Cryptology is the field of science that concern with the data communication and security that encompasses the cryptography and cryptanalysis. It is the technique by which the information can be converted into ciphers and by using secret key, it can be retrieved by legitimate users.

It provides the secrecy or security for the written messages for the secure data flow between computers by encrypting them and providing legally acceptable records of those transactions. It provide a key controlled transformation for information through which an unauthorized person can’t get access.

The Process of Encryption and Decryption in cryptology:

  • Authentication: It is the process of identifying the entity through password, encryption key card, voice recognition etc.
  • Data confidentiality: Data confidentiality ensures that data is access to only authorized party and it is enforced by encryption.
  • Data integrity: It is trustworthiness of data or resources i.e. data has not been changed , destroyed and accesed by unauthorized person.
  • Nonrepudiation: It is the protection against repudiation and can be of two types- Nonrepudiation with proof of origin and Nonrepudiation with proof of receipt.

Few Topics are:

  • PMAC,Collision resistant hashing,Merkle-Damgard ,Davies-Meyer,MACs from collision resistance. ,SHA ,HMAC.,Authenticated encryption,key distribution center ,Public key cryptography, Arithmetic modulo primes
  • Arithmetic modulo primes,vanilla key exchange ,CDH ,discrete-log assumptions,Public key encryption,semantically secure ElGamal encryption,CCA security,Arithmetic modulo composites   ,RSA functions
  • Rabin functions ,trapdoor permutations,Digital signatures,Hash based signatures,certificate transparency,certificate revocation  ,challenge response authentication,Authenticated key exchange ,SSL/TLS session setup,TBD
  • Cipher,Basic symmetric-key encryption,One time pad and stream ciphers ,semantic security ,stream ciphers,Block ciphers,Feistel networks,DES, 3DES,AES,CBC and counter mode.,Pseudo Random Permutations
  • Pseudo Random Functions ,plaintext attacks ,nonce-based CBC encryption ,nonce-based counter mode,exhaustive search,time-space tradeoffs,differential cryptanalysis ,linear cryptanalysis,Message integrity,CBC-MAC