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Topics For Multimedia

  • Applications and Design,HyperStudio, Metaphor,Cards, Buttons, Text,HyperStudio Resources,Instructional Design,Content (print, graphics, sounds, etc.),Interaction
  • Assessment,Closure,Screen Design,Metaphors and Themes,Colors and Backgrounds,Text (size, color, placement),Transitions and Links, HyperStudio Sounds
  • Internet Resources,Graphics,Integrating Web documents,Animation,Multimedia Portfolios,Advanced Button ,Hyperlinks,Drag-n-Drop, Advanced NBA's
  • Incorporating Digital Media,QuickTime Movies,Laserdisc and CD-ROM control,Scanning

Few Topics are:

  • digital design principles and techniques
  • software applications and Web sites.
  • digital image theories,
  • digital multimedia development process
  • digital multimedia application