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Nonlinear Programming Assignment Help, Nonlinear Programming Homework Help


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Few Topics are:

  • geometry of Rn, critical points for Rn,Sylvester's criterion, Eigenvalues,Coercive functions, global optima,Convex sets,Jensen's inequality
  • AM-GM inequality,Geometric programming, duality,dual geometric program,Interpolation, best-fit lines,Least squares fit, projections
  • Gram-Schmidt process,Minimum norm solutions,Generalized inner products, closest point to a set,basic separation theorem, support theorem
  • Newton's method,Method of steepest descent,Broyden's method,eigenvalues
  • Lagrange multipliers ,Convex programs, KKT theorem,  Gradient form,KKT duality,Constrained GP  ,Penalty functions,penalty method